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Raymond helped me with my new website design. He is knowledgeable, thorough and quick to respond to my questions. His price is low. I definitely recommend his services.

Ying Beher

Leo said that Raymond’s group is very challenging and interesting. He loves group coding test. You can use the stuff you just learned, feeling really great and very achieved. The more he feels achieved the more he wants to learn. So he still has great interest in coding. Great thanks to Raymond!

Leo Chen's Mother

Raymond is a funny, nice and excellent teacher who helped me solve many problems. His coding class is very interesting so I like studying with him.

Rick, 9 years old

Peter loves Raymond's classes and the way he teaches them.

Peter's Mother

Raymond is an amazing and wonderful teacher who told me a lot about Coding and answered every question I asked

Wen Xiao, 11 years old


Thank you for your time

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